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Services Offered

Getting Started:

  • We will learn all about your business

  • What are your future goals?

  • Create the most personalized method of bookkeeping & payroll

Bookkeeping Services:

  • Personalized bookkeeping using QuickBooks 

  • Keep a record of all income & expenses

  • Perform bank & credit card reconciliations 

  • Create and track all invoices

  • Customized monthly reports 

  • All tax preparations will be completed

  • Directly work with your tax accountant

Payroll Services:

  • Complete payroll for all employees

  • Direct Deposit or Paper Checks available

  • Monthly & Quarterly payroll taxes 

  • Payroll reports generated

  • Track 1099 contractors 

  • Send employee's W2 forms


  • You will receive full time professional service on a part time budget with reduced operating and overhead costs - plus we are a tax write off!

  • All of your financial reports will be prepared correctly for your Tax Accountant and will make the process much simpler

  • We work flexible hours and are always there when you need our assistance

  • We will give you more free time to work on your business 

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